Monday, April 25, 2011

. : Meh tgk pe keje ank murid bile mak murid bz : .

Kan aritu mama dah citer psl Kelas Cupcake @ myHome kan...dan seperti yg mama janji nk wat en3 plak psl ank2 kami during da class...ha kalo uol nk tau mmg havoc gler time tu...yg mak2 murid tgh tekun belajar baking..yg ank2 plak dok lari sane-sini...en.hubby plak turun padang jd BS on that day tau...apepun at last sumer hepi walaupun kepenatan yg amat sgt...

Eiymann,Kyra n en.Adam...
en.Aqil buat hal sndr je..itu bdk mmg jarang cmpr org punyooo...

Eiymann yg cute son of Sifu E-car...sgt pndi bwk diri...

My Doter in law Kyra cayang :)

My en.Adam cilok mkn oreo Eiymann..sian eiymann..

My en.Aqil

. : 3rd Pregnancy : 33weeks Fetal Development : .

Pic ihsan dr

tiktok2x tggl lg 7weeks je baby 'AJ' nk dok dlm peyot mama..xlame lg tmbh lg sorg la nk membingit n menghavock' ari mama..huhuhu

so last week mama g c/up utk 32weeks...alhamdulillah baby 'AJ' chat dlm peyot mama..dok relax2 sgt2 aktif mlm2 bute time mama nk tdo..huhuhu..kompem la pasni mama kene jd zomba sbb ade bdk yg xtdo mlm..huhuhu..

C/up mama n Baby 'AJ' @ 32weeks of pregnancy :-
  • Berat : 73.5kg (alhamdulillah naik 2kg..paling byk naik selame mama pregnant)
  • urine : clear (xde gula)
  • BP : 95/60 (rendah la pulak..nape ek'???)
  • placenta dh xrendah sgt mcm b4
  • Kaki xsembab
  • Scan baby 'AJ' still breech..pale kat ats montot kat bwh..doc rsu tp still ade peluang utk vaginal deliver...hope sumer akn 'AJ' mama harap pusing la kebawah yer syg..mama tau awk gud girl syg :)
  • n kali ni mmg clear baby 'AJ' tayang yg die gegurl...hope ape yg mama tgk tu betul la smpi besalin nnt..

. : Breech Birth : .

Ni pun berkenaan result c/up mama yg lps...dlm usia kandungan mencecah 32weeks baby inside still blm pusing lg doc sedikit rsu ngn keadaan ni..mama apelagi kn tentu la rsu..apepun skang dh 33weeks n mama doa sgt2 yg pale baby akn trn ke bawah dlm mase 7weeks akn dtg ni..aminnn..kat bwh ni mama nk share ckit info tetang BREECH BIRTH ...doc ckp kedudukan baby ade breech jenis FRANK BREECH ....

Usually a few weeks before birth, most babies will move into delivery position, with their head moving near the birth canal. If this does not happen, the baby's buttocks and/or feet, will be in place to be delivered first. This is called a breech presentation. Breech births occur in about 1 of 25 full-term births.

What are the different types of breech presentations?

  • Frank breech: The fetus' buttocks are aimed toward the birth canal and the legs stick straight up in front of the body. The feet are near the head.
  • Complete breech: The buttocks are down, with the legs folded at the knees and the feet near the buttocks.
  • Footling breech: One or both of the fetus' feet are pointing down and will come out first.

What causes a breech presentation?

The causes of breech presentations are not fully known. However, a breech birth is more common :

  • In subsequent pregnancies
  • In pregnancies of multiples
  • When there is history of premature delivery
  • When the uterus has too much or too little amniotic fluid
  • In an abnormal shaped uterus or a uterus with abnormal growths, such as fibroids.
  • For women with placenta previa

How is a breech presentation diagnosed?

A few weeks prior to the due date, the health care provider may place his/her hands on the mother's lower abdomen to locate the baby's head, back, and buttocks. If they think the baby is in a breech position, an ultrasound may be used to confirm. Special x-rays can also determine the baby's position and measure the pelvis to determine if a vaginal delivery of a breech baby may be attempted.

Can a breech presentation mean something is wrong?

Most breech babies are born healthy. However, they do have a higher risk for certain problems than babies born head first. Birth defects are slightly more common in breech babies. A birth defect may be the reason they have not moved into the right position before birth.

Can a breech presentation be changed?

The best time to try to turn a breech baby is between 32-37 weeks of pregnancy There are many different types of methods to use and all have different levels of success. Talk with your health care provider about which options they feel would be best for you to try.

Medical Techniques:

External Version: External version is a non-surgical method in which a doctor can help move the baby within the uterus. A medication to help relax the uterus might be given as well as an ultrasound exam, to better check the position of the baby, the location of the placenta, and the amount of amniotic fluid in the uterus. Gentle pushing on the lower abdomen can turn the baby into the head-down position. Throughout the external version, the baby's heartbeat will be checked closely so that if any problems should occur, the health care provider will stop turning immediately. Most attempts at external version are successful; however, as the due date gets closer this procedure is more difficult.

Chiropractic Care: The late Larry Webster, D.C., of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, developed a technique which enabled chiropractors to release stress on the pregnant woman's pelvis and cause relaxation to the uterus and surrounding ligaments. The relaxed uterus would make it easier for a breech baby to turn naturally. The technique is known as the Webster Breech Technique.

The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reported in the July/August 2002 issue that 82% of doctors using the Webster Technique reported success. Further, the results from the study suggest that it may be beneficial to perform the Webster Technique in the 8th month of pregnancy.

Natural Techniques:

The following two techniques often suggested by physical therapist, Penny Simkin, are things you can try at home for free, with no risks involved.

The Breech Tilt: Raise hips 12" or 30cm off the floor using large, solid pillows three times daily for 10-15 minutes each time. This is best done on an empty stomach, and at a time when your baby is active. Concentrate on your baby and not tensing your body, especially in the abdominal area.

Using Music: We know that babies can hear sounds outside the womb, so many women have used music or taped recordings of their voice to try to get their baby to move towards the noise! Headphones placed on the lower part of your abdomen, playing either music or your voice, has encouraged babies to move towards the sounds and out of the breech position.

There are also homeopathic remedies that women have found to be successful in breech situations. Contact your local holistic practitioner about the use of Moxibustion or Pulsatilla in turning breech babies naturally.

Vaginal delivery versus cesarean for breech birth?

Most health care providers do not believe a vaginal delivery is possible for a breech birth, although some will wait to make that decision until a woman is in labor. However, the following are often necessary in order for a vaginal birth to be attempted:

  • The baby is full-term and in the frank breech presentation
  • The baby does not show signs of distress while its heart rate is closely monitored
  • The process of labor is smooth and steady; the cervix is widening and the baby is moving down
  • The health care provider estimates that the baby is not too big or the mother's pelvis too narrow for the baby to pass safely through the birth canal
  • Anesthesia is available and a cesarean delivery can be performed on short notice

What are the risks and complications of a vaginal delivery?

In a breech birth, the baby's head is the last part to emerge, and it may be harder to ease it through the birth canal. Sometimes forceps are used to guide the baby's head out. Another potential problem is cord prolapse in which the umbilical cord can get squeezed as the baby moves toward the birth canal, slowing the baby's supply of oxygen and blood.

If a vaginal delivery is attempted, electronic fetal monitoring will be used to monitor the baby's heartbeat throughout labor. A cesarean delivery may be considered if there are any signs that the baby may be in distress.

When is a cesarean delivery used with a breech presentation?

Most health care providers recommend a cesarean delivery for all babies that are in a breech position, especially those that are premature. Premature babies are small and fragile, and because the head is relatively larger, their bodies don't stretch the cervix as wide as full-term babies do during birth. This means that there may be less room for the head to emerge.

. : Apa itu tekanan darah rendah : .

Akibat dari result c/up mama br2 ni..mama nk share la ngn uol ttg info dibawah..kerana BP mama agk tmbh low skang ni..dibandingk' mase mama pregnant yg en.adam n en.aqil...br2 ni c/up BP mama 95/60..normal 120/80 kan..dl paling rndh pn xpernah la bwh 100..huhuhu

Apa itu Tekanan Darah Rendah ?

Tekanan darah rendah (hipotensi) adalah keadaan tekanan darah yang lebih rendah dari tekanan yang diperlukan oleh tubuh, sehingga setiap organ dari badan tidak mendapat aliran darah yang cukup dan menyebabkan timbulnya gejala hipotensi. Tekanan darah seseorang adalah berbeza. Ini kerana ia membabitkan kawalan utama otak, jantung, buah pinggang dan ransangan di dalam salur darah.

Faktor yang mempengaruhi tekanan darah

Dalam menentukan seseorang itu menghidap tekanan darah, terdapat beberapa faktor yang boleh membantu iaitu:-

  • usia
  • aktiviti seharian
  • perasaan
  • ubatan
  • pendarahan
  • infeksi

Kebiasaannya orang yang selalu dikaitkan dengan penyakit tekanan darah rendah adalah dari golongan atlet dan pengamal diet. Mereka jarang terdedah kepada beberapa jenis penyakit seperti:-

  • stroke
  • penyakit jantung
  • penyakit pada mata
  • pengerasan dan penyempitan pada pembuluh darah

Gejala Tekanan Darah Rendah

Bagi penghidap tekanan darah rendah, mereka tidak akan menunjukkan tanda mereka mempunyai penyakit tekanan darah rendah. Mereka akan menunjukkan gejala atau tanda-tanda awal seperti:-

  • cepat lelah
  • pening kepala ketika posisi badan berubah
  • sukar untuk berkonsentrasi
  • mata berkunang-kunang
  • mual
  • kulit berasa dingin, pucat dan lembap
  • pernafasan cepat dan pendek
  • defresi
  • cepat haus

Sekiranya seseorang itu hendak hamil, mereka digalakkan untuk membuat pemeriksaan terlebih dahulu sebelum hamil. Ini kerana ia adalah untuk mengelakkan berlaku komplikasi pada bayi itu nanti.

Penyebab Tekanan Darah Rendah

Tekanan darah ditentukan oleh dua pekara, iaitu jumlah darah yang dipompakan oleh jantung dan tahanan (resistensi) pembuluh darah yang kecil-kecil pada tubuh. Terdapat beberapa penyebab yang boleh tekanan darah rendah terjadi iaitu:-

  • Kekurangan volum darah - cecair mengalir dalam saluran darah seperti pendarahan yang tidak boleh terkawal
  • Dehidrasi - dehidrasi yang mengurangkan kandungan cecair dalam badan seperti kes muntah yang teruk dan cirit-birit.
  • masalah jantung - deyutan jantung yang agak cepat mahupun sebaliknya yang terlalu lambat.
  • Keadaan otot yang lemah
Hmmm..baca punya baca..tak tau la bab mana mama ni tergolong..( adakah mama ni atlit?? adakah mama ni pengamal diet??2-2 pn tidak..yg mama tau mayb faktor genetik..

Friday, April 22, 2011

. : Redeem hadiah birthday : .

Punye la lame br dpt hadiah ari jadi mama yg ke 26thn...actually tiap2 sejak kawen adiah bezday mama..en.hubby yg akn pilih n beli utk thn 2010 mama request la pulak...siap2 main teka-teki lg ngn nk tau ape yg mama mintak..jom lyn pic dibawah yer..utk yg menjayak' terutama Sifu E-car, My dearie besan Eja Razak n My luvly neber K.Ani...BIG thanx dari mama utk kamoooo...muahh lebiuuu :)

mak2 murid..hehehe

oven kesayangan mama..adiah ari ibu thn 2010 dr en.hubby

khusyuk mak2 murid dgr penerangan Sifu E-car

dh lame xpgg piping bag rase mcm kekok plak ++ nebes dpn Sifu..hehehe

hasil jejari lentiks mama bak kate Sifu E-car

Eja Razak, Sifu E-car with mama

ni br part mak2 murid blaja bake cc ngn deco2...pasni kite tgk plak ape jd ngn ank2 mak murid ni yer...huhuhu

Thursday, April 14, 2011

. : Moist Brownies : .

Wah skang mama dok update psl mkn je...huhuhu..baking is terapi for lg 1 projek bidan terjun mama..nilah akibat bile mama stress...kang dok amoxxx 1 kampung xpekdahnye..huhuhu..baik KITE BAKORRRRRRRR!!!!!!hehehe..nape mama stress smlm???nnt kalo mama rajin mama update en3 len ek' :p

So smlm dh ptg gak..mama dok terjah2 blog2 masakan terutama feberet mama blog HaNa's Family ...mama jumpe la 1 resepi yg mmg dh lame mama nk buat tp asik tebantut akibat dr kegagalan cubaan pertama..sikap negatifk'...hehehe...nak tau resepi ape??jom mama share ngn uol...

RESEPI MOIST BROWNIES (copy n paste dari HaNa's Family )

Bahan A (sebatikan)
  • 1 cawan susu cair
  • 1 cawan butter yang dicairkan
  • 1 cawan air panas
  • 2 cawan gula perang

Bahan B (diadun sebati)

  • 2 biji telor (gred B)
  • 1 sudu teh esen vanila

Bahan C (diayak)

  • 2 cawan tepung
  • 1 cawan serbuk koko
  • 1 sudu teh baking powder
  • 1 sudu teh soda bikarbonat


  1. Pre-heat oven pada suhu 175 C selama 10 minit.
  2. Sebatikan semua bahan A.
  3. Tuangkan pula bahan B dan kacau.
  4. Masukkan bahan C dan kacau hingga sebati.
  5. Alaskan loyang 10 x 10 inci dengan kertas minyak dan tuangkan adunan ke dalam tin. Bakar selama 40 - 45 minit.
  6. Sejukkan dan tuangkan bahan topping di atasnya. Biarkan sebentar sebelum dipotong kecil-kecil.

Chocolate Topping

  • 250 gm cooking chocolate
  • 1 sudu besar butter
  • 1 sudu teh susu cair (fresh milk)


  1. Cairkan cooking chocolate dengan kaedah double-boil.
  2. Kemudian masukkan butter dan kacau sebati.
  3. Masukkan susu cair dan kacau. Sedia untuk digunakan

3 sudu besar butter-lembutkan
50 gm coklat apa-apa jenis
1 sudu besar honey
1/2 sudu kecil esen vanila
1 sudu besar coklat emulco
3 sudu besar susu

Pukul mentega, serbuk koko, emulco, honey dan esen vanila hingga sebati. Masukkan susu. Pukul hingga sekata. Sapukan atas brownies dan potong empat segi. pastu letaklah walnut ke coklat rice ke.. apa-apa je leh yang u all suka.

p/s : mama xbuat topping pn sbb xde cooking coklat..serbuk koko ade tp susu pekat plak xde..kalo xleh la wat ala2 org kampung punye topping coklat..hehehe..apepun mama teruje sgt tgk en.hubby n ank2 mkn hokey...mmg hilang segale stress mama..blh senyum smpi blkg pale..hehehe

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

. : Apam Polkadot : .

Alhamdulillah dh berabad berkurun rasenye dok peram resepi Apam Polkadot ni...bkn mood xmai2 nk buat tp sbb mama xdak periuk dok la membara je dlm hati tgk org lain cube n mencube buat...Mcm mane tetibe blh buat lak????kan br2 ni mama blk kg sbb en.hubby outstation ke mmg mama dh ready 2projek nk buat kt kg nnt..salah satunye nilah...

Kat sini mama nk share la mane mama ambik resepi Apam Polkadot ni...dari SIFU masak-memasak..kalo sape2 yg suke terjah2 blog masakan kompem kenal....Hana's Family...n sape2 minat nk cube leh ambik resepi kat SINI....sgt simple n mudah...yg penting sedap n chumell smpi syg nk mkn..hehehe


  • 3 biji telur - dari peti sejuk
  • 275 gm tepung gandum
  • 220 gm gula halus - hana kurangkan
  • 150gm susu segar
  • 3 sudu teh baking powder
  • 1 sudu kecil ovallete
  • Filling blueberry secukupnya (masukkan ke dalam piping bag)
  • Pewarna
  1. Masukkan semua bahan apam ke dalam mangkuk mixer dan pukul kelajuan maxima selama 6 - 8 minit.
  2. Bahagikan adunan kepada beberapa bahagian & titiskan pewarna mengikut citarasa.
  3. Masukkan setiap warna ke dalam piping bag (atau beg plastik yang bersih).
  4. Picitkan sedikit adunan ke dalam mangkuk kertas yang telah disusun didalam acuan lompang.
  5. Picitkan blueberry filling secukupnya.
  6. Picitkan lagi adunan yang berlainan warna sehingga ¾ penuh.Kemudian dot dot kan dengan warna pilihan.
  7. Kukus didalam kukusan yang telah dipanaskan selama 10-15 minit.
NOTE dr Hana:
  • Jangan buka api besar semasa mengukus. Guna api sederhana je yer! Kalau tak nanti pecah aka kembang mekar setaman! jadik ler kang apam mekar! hihi.. (berdasarkan pengalaman..:D).
  • Buh esen vanila utk mengurangkan bau telur.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

. : Fruit Tart with Castard filling : .

Ni adalah request dr wife kezen en.hubby...mintak mama ajark' wat fruit tart...boleh je sbb mcm yg uol tau ke?????yelah mane yg ikut perkembangan blog mama ni kan...mama belajar wat tart ni pn dari resepi Che'Pah Cook & Craft so utk doh n cheese filling mmg mama gune resepi kt cnie yer kalo nk buat doh leh refer kat SINI...

Tapi kali ni mama nk tmbh info ckit...kebanyak yg kite tau filling utk fruit tart adalah krim yg mama jual tetap menggunak' filling cheese sbb rasenye lebih berdasark' kritikan pengkritik tetap aka en.hubby n pelanggan2 kat sini mama nk upload resepi utk krim kastard...

kredit to google for da luvly pic:)

Resepi Krim Kastard :- Bahan-Bahan :
  • 1 biji telur
  • 30g gula
  • 20g tepung kastard (lady's choice)
  • 100g susu segar
  • 100g krim putar
  • 1/2 sudu teh essen vanilla
Cara-cara :
  1. Adunkan telur,gula dan tepung kastard hingga rata.
  2. Didihkan susu dan krim putar.Kemudian campurkan dalam adunan dan kacau perlahan-lahan dengan api sederhana hingga sebati, mendidih dan pekat.
  3. Alihkan dari api dan masukkan essen vanilla.
  4. Masukkan krim kastard ke dalam tart shell dan boleh dihias dengan buah-buahan pilihan anda.
Wokeh done n selamat mencuba :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

. : 3rd Pregnancy : 30weeks Fetal Development : .

30 weeks of pregnancy

Wah dh masuk angka 30....dag dig dug di dalam dada...hehehe...debaran makin far persiapan dh ade la ade lg yg belum settle..xtau la bile nk settle..bju2 pn belum basuh lg...patut dh ready dlm bag ni..adoiii kemalasan melanda...

Actually lom g c/up lg..mayb esok sbb mggu dpn mama kt kg...hope pale bb 'AJ' dh trn la yer cyg mama...rasenye brt naik lately mama kerap skt kt bahagian bwh..mayb kesan jth bilik air aritu...kdg2 nk menyapu umah pn rase nk teburai isi perut tu blm bab mop umah mama gagahk' jgk la...xtau nk buat camne...

kelainan pregnant kali ni :-
  • pusat mama tetibe tekeluar..
  • perut mama kecik je banding pregnant yg b4

Monday, April 4, 2011

. : Launching Blog baru : .

Klik pic utk link ke BLOG

Dah lame xupdate pape kt cnie kn...lately mmg bz ckit..pastu tesen pasal kes aritu kalo uol xtau meh klik sini..pastu bile dh blh buat ade lak keje lain nk buat...huhuhu..arini mama xbuat keje pape pn dok ngadap pc dr td smpi la ni...

So now mama nk memperkenalkan blog baru mama... . : Baking Is Fun : . ...hope uol support mama k...mama bdk br belajar nk menerap ni..masih merangkak2 lg...memandangkan mama rase mcm bercampur aduk lak antara personal n meniage so mama buat la 1 lg blog...jom rmi2 sggh n follow k...kalo sudi leh la order..hehehe