Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Pilihan 1

Swow Bear home&car bottle warmer

fuction & features

in order to make sure the milk is suitable temperature for aby drinking,
Snow bear economical home warmer adopts advanced high effestive technology
to make haeting fast , keep constant temperature accurately , utmost in convenince etc:
it is suitable for heating feeding bottles with different size and baby food ,
such as milk , porridge and rice paste etc. the heating temperature generally is
controlled between 30°C ~100°C to ensure food not to be boiled excessively and keep original
nutrition ingredient. the bottle warmer is exquisite in structure, convenient for
carrying and cleaning: the non_toxic plastic shell makes use in security.

warm tips

  • put it where the children are difficult to reach.
  • do not let the wire be away from the worktable to where the children can reach it
  • do not immerge the product into the water . please unplug the power when it is no use.
  • please be sure to check the food temperature and mix fully before feeding .
  • it must be repaired by the manufacturec or the professional to aviod danger if damaged


  • normal users enjoy one-year maintenance service for free since the
    purchasing date , please contact with the distributor directly.
  • the accessories of consumables can not be maintained in warranty time
  • please present the warranty card and the purchasing certificates or invoice when you maintain.

non-warranty coverage

  • the damage caused by inadvertent or error use.
  • warranty card is lost or damaged.

Pilihan 2

Little Bean Home & Car Bottle Warmer

Little Bean Bottle Wamer allows you to warm feeding bottles as well as baby food jars and tins safely and quickly.
The time of warming milk or food depends on the size of the bottle or container and initial temperature of the milk or food (e.g. Room temperature 20 degrees or out of fridge 5 degrees ).
Little Bean Bottle Warmer can be use in house oas well as in the car.It works with or without water.

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • For Home-Use and Car-Use. Car Plug Provided.
  • BPA-Free Matrerial
  • Suitable To Warm Milk and Baby Food
  • Wide Neck Opening

Mane satu pilihan mama :
  • harga 2-2 pn xsmpi rm100
  • 2-2 blh pki dlm kete sbb kalo kt umah mama pki cara tradisional je kot
  • 2-2 kecik je..
P/s : kwn2 yg ade pengalaman menggunak' kedua2 warmer ni tlg bg pendapat yer..almaklum la mama ni kn budak br belajar ;)

Info ni mama ambil dr website :


sape2 yg berminat or tgh membuat persediaan menyambut org br blh la jenguk2 website ni..harga berpatutan.


  1. Nat, Nak beli tak bottel warmer tuh... Hari tuh, kak ngah ada beli... tapi tak pakai langsung... dok simpan dalam kotak jer.. Ingat hari tu... nak guna kalau travel jauh... tapi... tak gunakan langsung pun... Kalau nak, roger2 laa yerk...

  2. abg ngah : wokeh...nnt leh pn utk travel gak..sbb ingt n fully BF so kene pki warmer nk pnsk' kalo g jln2..hehehe

  3. teringin nnt memiliki.. sebab zura pun tak ader yg proper warmer nie...

  4. zura : nat pn same..sbb b4 ni sumer direct bf..dh tnye kt hubby tp die soh kiv dl..tgk production susu ok br dlm ati dh nekad nk beli b4 besalin..hehe..try la tgk warmer ni xsmpi rm100 pn 2-2..