Thursday, April 5, 2012

. : Toys Part III : .

Salam semua..

Lambat bersiaran hari ni..idea ada nk berceloteh tp mood nk pilih gmbr tu kelaut..huhu tp arini nk update sikit la pasal kegilaan mama sejak dok sydney ni..hehe gila ngn toys bdk2..hehe buruk perangai kn??hihi xda la mama beli yg mhl2...kalo blh beli mhl2 masa kat msia lg dh beli..

Sebenarnya tgh target Push walker utk bb ayhnya mcm xmo layan je..huhu so nk majuk la..huhu 

 Fisher Price Activity Walker

Eh dh melalaut plak..sebenarnya nk story brg yg besan mama aka Mama Damia (dah tukar nama skang..hehehe) kirim toys utk bb fiyya..katanya toys ni kt msia mhl BNIB 13aud..convert duit msia dlm rm40++..murahk :) jom layan pic dibawah..tulah la rupanya :) apapun BIG THANX utk en.hubbie yg sudi tlg belikan...lebiu 2,3,4,5 <3<3<3


" Pop-up activity toy introduces your child to different shapes, animals and cause-and-effect play, and rewards discovery with colourful critters! " Ages 9 months and up. Reward your child's exploration and discovery with this hands-on activity toy. A lever, beeper, key and switches are easy for little hands to activate. As your child presses, turns and twists, she'll be building fine motor skills and having fun as the colourful animals pop up to the corresponding action! There's even a built-in carry handle for on-the-go play!

Ages: 9 months and over.

Masa tgh belek nk carik gmbr tenampak plak toys ni mama pernah beli sebelum ni..yg br bkn 2nd dpt 9aud..dlm website mama tgk dlm $17-18..jauh betul aritu beli hadiah birthday anak mmbr..ingt nk belikan la utk bb jannah nnt..hehe

Playskool Poundin' Nails

Energetic little ones love these classic pop-up toys! Bop one piece with the hammer and another pops up! Fun bedbugs and nails stay put, so they never get lost! Helps develop hand/eye coordination.
Ages: 12 months and over.