Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cutest Baby Pocoyo Contest : Pre-Loved Fisher Price Give Away

i luv enter contest yg paling cute aku rase..tq pihak penganjur coz menganjurkan contest ni..contest kali ini ialah Cutest Baby Pocoyo Contest : Pre-Loved Fisher Price Give Away
yang dianjurkan oleh Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal
so to all my blogger members lets joining this contest by clicking HERE

term & condition :

1.Become a follower of my blog and leave a comment to let me know (or, if you are already a follower, tell me that too!)

2.Blog about this giveaway and describe your child in 5 words and elaborate them(English/Bahasa).Then leave a comment with the link to your post on my giveaway entry.Open to boys and girls.

3.Sent ONE cutest style with SNOW CAP(For example:photo above-any colours)

4.Age:Newborn-6 Years Old,only ONE child.

5.Copy paste the sticky mode and put it on the side bar.

  1. CUTE (bagi mama n ayah)
  2. MAMA HELPER (dh boleh suruh wat keje2 sng)
  3. HYPERACTIVE (t'sgt la lasak)
  4. DEGIL (ikut perangai sape la..sape lg mama la)
  5. FAST LEARNER (cpt sgt dpt kalo ajar ape2 kat adam)
meh aku citer skit psl pic2 kat ats tu..pic yg en.adam pki snow cap kaler oren biru taken time kitorg g 1st honeymoon kat cameron highlands..time tu en.adam 7mos++..cute kan???pasan plak mama ni..kalo korg nk tau time kat sane en.adam asik tdo,tdo n tdo..bkn ape sbb kat sane kan sejuk..en.adam mmg suke la..alhamdulillah sng sgt bwk die g mane2..even dh lasak cam skang ni..pic yg en.adam pki snow cap kaler biru tu taken time en.adam g cek/up 3mos..tu tggu nk kene cucuk ngn doc en.adam kuat...skit pn xngs..caya la hero mama..

ok mummy ryan..mama adam dh settle sumer syarat kan????hope memenuhi citerase mummy ryan la..hehehe..akhir kate (ayat wajib ku) salam perkenalan n

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