Thursday, March 29, 2012

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Sambungan keempat Blue Mountains Trip..

Ok it's time to climb up the mountains back :) and now we ride The Scenic budak pengayat Adam Yusuf suke bikin malu dok terjerit2 takut..huhu mmg takut tinggi bdk ni dr kecil lg..dlm cable car xbyk gmbr sbb padat ngn org..just ada 2-3 pic pemandangan sekeliling yg mmg catik menghijau :)

 Adam Yusuf Budak Gayat

 Cablecar Station view from above

 Thne Three Sisters

 The Orphan Rock close-up
Dengar citer dulu pelancong blh climb up kat situ..
Mayb atas dasar keselamatan pihak pentadbir dh tutup kwsn tu..
Mama tgk dr jauh pn dh seram nk mendaki naik tepi2 bukit tu..

Nilah The Scenic Cableway yg kami naik tu..
Pic ehsan dari
yolah mane nk nmpk kalo kami dok dlm kn..hehehe

The steepest aerial cable car in the Southern Hemisphere!

The Scenic Cableway takes you on a 545 metre ride into - or out of - the World Heritage-listed rainforest of the Jamison Valley.

Once at the bottom, you can take the Scenic Walkway to the base of the Scenic Railway.  In all, there are just under three kilometres of elevated boardwalk, 380 metres of which is accessible by wheelchair.

The Scenic Cableway can carry up to 84 passengers and is completely wheelchair accessible.

Last but not least..
Mama pn gak begambar ngn Wanita Bogel ini..hehe

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