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. : Phil&Ted Double Stroller E3 V2 : .

Akhirnye dpt jgk double stroller..smlm dok intai gumtree nk tengok2 brg yg my besan teringin tu..hehehe last2 mama ternampak ini dgn harga yg sgt murah hokeyyyy..perlu repair ckit sbb tayarnye dh out tp masih berbaloi..sbb standard harga 2nd hand kat gumtree pn besenye dlm dh nmpk tu xpikir byk terus je imessage kat en.hubbie..siap ckp kalo dpt yg ni stroller lain blh let go..huhu tp bile dh dpt smlm en.hubbie mcm berat hati je nk let go stroller lame..mmg kalo banding stroller barvo tu ngn phil&ted ni body bravo jauh lebih utk ringan n kemudahan ank2 dh rmi phil&ted berbaloi nnt kalo adam dh sekolah xssh la mama nk hantar jalan kaki ngn nk handle ank 3org yg hyper..huhu apepun jom tgk review psl stroller ni :)

The Phil and Teds e3

The Phil and Teds unique twin designThe Phil and Teds E3

is a lightweight jogging stroller, manufactured by the Phil and Ted Company in New Zealand.

Top and bottom – seating Design

Featuring a sleek and light design, the phil and teds e3 stroller can be transformed from being a single stroller to a dual pram with the appropriate seating right on top of each other. Parents will not have to worry about the space that most dual strollers require since the second baby – seat is right below the other seat, instead of next to each other like a classic dual baby-stroller.

The stroller’s seats can be reclined in four different angles, with the full recline position being ideal for newborns and young toddlers. The Phil and Teds stroller has a seat lower than other strollers to accommodate a tall child. It can actually hold a child who weighs up to 55lbs. The fabric of the seat is also easy to wash, though the texture is pretty rough (yet sturdy). Of course, in order to actually adjust the seat, the child should be taken out of the stroller for the parent to be able to reach the zips and clips.

The signature feature of the phil and teds e3 is the toddler seat. The unique design of the stroller allows two children to be placed in technically the same stroller. If one child is a newborn, the top seat can be set at a fully reclined position while the older child stays at the bottom. Despite being a dual stroller, it occupies less space unlike other, traditional twin strollers which are usually rather bulky and wide. 
The hood or the canopy of the phil and teds stroller e3 drops down, using buttons to hold it in position. It has a viewing window and a UV mesh which helps protect children from harmful UV rays and sunburns. The stroller-handles can be positioned at two different heights. With the push of its locking buttons, the handles can be slid and then automatically lock into place.

Phil and Teds e3 stroller wheels consist of 12 inches of air-filled tires. The swivel wheel at the front can be locked using a button underneath the foot well. The manufacturer’s recommendation is to fill the tires up to 22psi. For easy storage, the tires are simple to remove.

The brakes of the Phil and Teds stroller can be engaged fairly easily; a nice feature is that by sliding the bar across the rear axle, the parent can stop both rear wheels. As for the safety of the child, the stroller features a four-point harness attached to the belt in between the legs.

The Phil and Teds Stroller e3 ‘in a Nutshell’:

  • Lightweight and sleek twin stroller
  • Seats can be adjusted to form both a single or a double stroller
  • Can accommodate tall children
  • 12-inch air filled tires
  • Front swivel wheel brake
  • Rear wheel brakes
  • 4 point harness attached to a central belt in-between the legs
  • Can carry weights of up to 55lbs. on the top seat and 33lbs. on the seat underneath
  • Hood or canopy with a view window and UV mesh
  • Seat fabric is easy to wash
  • Item weight: 23lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 33.4lbs.
The latest version of the Phil and Teds e3 baby stroller is now available, which is called the Phil and Teds V2 

Sporty Buggy Stroller; it has the same features as  
the original e3 but incorporates additional safety features like the bumper guards, preventing your child from accidentally injuring his or her hands from the tires, or the multi-adjustable crotch strap.

When buying a Phil and Teds e3 (v2 Sporty Buggy Stroller), always check for authorized online retailers that offer free shipping, a 100% satisfaction return policy, and great bundle deals with other baby items. One such certified, fast-and-free-shipping retailer can be found here.


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