Thursday, March 29, 2012

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Sambungan kedua Blue Mountains Trip...

Dah puas berposing berlatarbelakangkan The Three Sisters & Jamison Valley..kami pn return balik ke skyway station utk ride yg kita melihat keindahan dr kami nk turun kebawah pulak dgn Scenic Railway..xde la panjang sgt tp mencabar gak turun bukit naik train ni..sbb tggi,curam n laju :) tp Adam Yusuf & Aqil Hanfi enjoy sgt naik train ni..Ainul Jannah time ni tgh isi tangki..hehehe

Ride the steepest incline Railway in the world.
The 415m descent will take you through a cliff side tunnel down into an ancient rainforest.  From here, you are free to explore the Scenic Walkway which will guide you through the forest to the Scenic Cableway platform.
The Scenic Railway can carry up to 84 passengers and operates every 10 minutes.

The Term 'Scenic Railway' dates back to late 19th century English amusement rides at funfairs and seaside amusement parks that were, by today's standards, very tame roller coasters. They consisted of a freely running carriage on rails that was raised to the top of a slope by various means, including horse drawn, pushed manually, or later, steam driven. The carriage, which carried 8 or 10 passengers, then rolled past a series of backdrops painted with exotic scenes - usually Swiss alpine, Egyptian Pyramids, jungle scenes with tigers, elephants and so on. Hence they were known as 'Scenic Railways'. The use of the term widened as time passed and by the 1930s was readily accepted as a name for what was to become the steepest incline railway in the world, at Scenic World, Katoomba.

Family Friendy
Scenic World is a family business and welcomes families with children. All Scenic World experiences are suitable for children of any age. Babies and small children are welcome on all rides and must be held by a guardian as baby seats are not provided on the Railway, Skyway or Cableway. Pram accessibility is limited on the Scenic Railway and Walkway. Children under 4 ride free.

Dah ready :) pic blur sbb train goyang2..

Mama & Ainul Jannah

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  1. best nyer jenjalan kat sana... teman nie bila laa agaknya nak sampai sana... tahun nie memang tak boleh... sebab ada org tak leh naik kapal terbang... :(

    1. alahai a.ngah xjln kemane br ler 2x bejalan yg jauh ckit..hehehe xpe ade mase lg 2-3thn :) kalo xleh naik elopen psl gud news xpe..TAHNIAH ;)